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Man is a vile creature!

And vile is he who calls him vile for that.

9 December 1912
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Crime and Punishment, coming from the first few months of his imprisonment in Siberia, and in his mid twenties. Described in the text as 'incredibly handsome', Rodion is a young and strikingly attractive young man. He is dark haired and dark eyed, tall and slim, though with his recent habit of failing to eat this has changed to being rather too thin, and he always looks tired and ill. Dressing in old and slightly ragged clothes, it is difficult to say whether or not his ill-kempt appearance diminishes his looks, or if it makes them more startling. His demeanour is cool, and distant, as is his gaze - but there is always some fire there, something fevered and fervent.

The Gods granted him the ability to speak English, rather than just Russian, but his voice is heavily accented, and he may stumble over parts, making it difficult to understand.
In general, Rodion’s personality revolves around the fact that he divides people amongst two categories; the ordinary and the extraordinary. The ordinary are essentially every common person, the extraordinary a scattering of people who are deemed to be worth more than this, therefore putting them in a place above common laws and morals.

Rodion considers himself to be in the latter, even comparing himself to the likes of Napoleon. In truth, he is very much one of the ordinary, despite his incredible good looks and intelligence. This shines through in his paranoia and suspiciousness, for Rodion believes that everyone around him knows his crimes and intends to persecute him for them. He is neurotic, showing signs of claustrophobia and misanthropy, as well as obsessive compulsion towards cleanliness. Raskolnikov is rather schismatic, and his spells of ill-natured apathy are occasionally studded with bouts of altruism.

These delusions of grandeur do not make Rodion particularly arrogant or proud as one would imagine; rather he seems far more inclined to brood upon everything from the profound to the trivial, to the point where he even mentally rambles about rambling. Whilst his mind is always moving from one thing to the next, he is quiet and introverted, preferring not to speak too much, if much at all. He is subsequently not comfortable around people, lacking social skills and seeming awkward and distant – Rodion would much rather keep himself to himself and be alone, despite the fact that he does have a longing for company.

His self-obsessed nature makes him prone to illness, and he can spend days at a time sleeping. He rarely eats, partially because the money for it was hard to come by and partially because he simply had no interest in doing so. When not sleeping or lying brooding, he will wander, usually aimlessly, alone, watching the life around him progress with a detached and often quite disparaging interest.

In short, Rodion is far from the ‘extraordinary’ man that he wishes himself to be, and lacks the conviction to fully believe this, though he will refuse to accept this, even as his paranoia and neuroticisms continue to bear down upon him.
As a very intelligent young man, Raskolnikov moved to St. Petersburg from rural Russia to study law. However, he did not have the money to continue doing so, and subsequently had to leave. He sought no other job, nor did he inform his doting mother and sister – instead, he took to pawning his items in order to continue living in his apartment, a tiny garret which he managed to keep mainly by avoiding his landlady and relying on her kindness. His situation grew more and more dire, and Rodion decided to try and find a way out of it.

The pawnbroker Alyona Ivanovna, was a bitter and hateful old woman, who was seen by many as cruel and vile, and she was also infamous for giving very little money for the items brought to her. By killing her, Rodion perceived that he would not only gain some money, but would be doing everyone a favour. He believed that he was extraordinary, a new Napoleon, and that no guilt or consequences could possibly touch him.

At this time, his sister, Avdotya, was planning to marry a man for Rodion’s own benefit so that she could give him money. He loathed the idea of this, believing he should be the one to provide for his family, and instinctively hated the other man. This only served to make him consider the murder more definitely.

After deliberating the murder, he eventually went to her home, tricked her into opening the door by claiming he had something for her, and as she was unwrapping the false package, used an axe to murder her. He searched through her drawers where he knew she kept the money, but found little, and searching the body found only a small purse. Before he could escape, the pawnbroker’s meek and far more loved sister, Lizaveta entered. Rodion murdered her also, and returned to his rented apartment.

Another man was caught for the murder, and Rodion would have been free. Guilt did not touch him, and he looked on it without remorse. He was, however, deeply afraid of being found out. From that day, everyone he saw knew of his crime. He spent longer periods of time asleep or completely listless, until his friend sought the assistance of a doctor and his family came to him.

Still, he could not shake the fear. He also grew increasingly besotted with the daughter of a drunkard he’d met not long before who had died, Sonya, who had turned to prostitution to help her family. Eventually, it was Sonya he confessed to, and the pious girl convinced him to formally confess his crime to the law.

He was exiled in Siberia, and with Sonya’s help, may have been beginning to ‘heal’. But he has still shown no repentance to his crime, and after waking in Purgatorium, it is impossible to tell if he could continue this healing process enough to even start.
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